About Us

RJNetworks knows small business because we are a small business. We were founded by Randy Jorgensen in 1997. We found that there was a need for small businesses in Utah to have trustworthy and reliable computer service. RJNetworks has grown by word of mouth alone, our clients are all more than happy to recommend us to all of their friends and associate companies.

While we specialize in small business computing, we also offer services to home users looking for an honest analysis of what it will take to fix their computer. We were founded on the idea that you don’t need someone to take advantage of your lack of knowledge, you need someone to tell you what is wrong and suggest the best fix for you.

We won’t offer to “defragment your RAM” or “optimize your CPU” (these things are about as real as headlight fluid) but we will be your full-service IT partner. Check our Services page for more specific information about what we can do for you.

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